Are You Outstanding? 17.10.16

Being part of Hospice in the Weald we are outstanding, according to our latest CQC inspection they rated us outstanding! Here’s the proof!

As its healthcare health care quality week, it’s time to really think about how your care benefits those on the receiving end of care. As part of Hospice in the Weald we are experts in palliative care which means that all of our care is Compassionate, Holistic, Invidualised and Supportive Care. That’s why all of our training programmes focus on improving the quality of the care delivered and we want your care to impact in the best way possible. It’s not just about getting the job done it’s about knowing your stuff, ensuring the patient is comfortable and their needs are satisfied where possible.

If you are in need of developing your staff or yourself as an individual we have a whole suite of training to suit your needs. If there isn’t a training course that suits you then it’s worth contacting a member of our friendly team to see if we can facilitate your needs. We want you to be engaged, enthused and feel well educated by the training we deliver so that you can offer patients outstanding, quality care.

If you are looking to fulfil ‘Continuing Professional Development’ or CPD hours then our courses count towards that fulfilment and are a great way to improve your already existing skills or learn some that are new. Together we can transform the quality of care.

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