Handling Difficult Conversations @ EOL

When is it?

  • 02October 2019
  • 05March 2020

What will I learn?

  • Describe circumstances which may cause people to experience difficult feelings
  • Give examples of these difficult feelings
  • Deliver ‘bad news’ in a compassionate and effective way
  • Achieve win/win outcomes for all parties through the tactics of assertive communication
  • Identify barriers to effective communication
  • Listen effectively to others
  • Devise a Personal Action Plan to enable development of communication skills

Where is it?

Hospice in The Weald
Maidstone Road
Tunbridge Wells

More Info...

It’s never easy to talk about difficult feelings and circumstances, and this course will give you all the confidence you need to overcome any initial awkwardness by providing you with effective listening tools and techniques to improve your communication skills when handling difficult conversations and scenarios. The aim of this interactive course, with its opportunities for discussion and activities, is to empower you to open an effective and compassionate conversation. The result you are looking for – and this course will enable you to achieve – is a situation in which everyone (patients, families, carers and colleagues) is ready for what is to come, rather than left feeling vulnerable and unprepared.

Who is this course for?
Health and social care professionals, and support and care workers from all settings, who need to communicate effectively with others who are dealing with difficult feelings and in difficult circumstances, particularly relating to changes in care provision and end of life care.


The full cost will be charged for cancellations with less than two week’s notice.

Please keep in mind that if you can not attend the session you booked you can re-book your place, without being charged, for the next available session by emailing hello@wetrain.org.uk

Cost: £50 +vat

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