Verification of Expected Death

When is it?

  • 09April 2019
  • 12June 2019
  • 09July 2019
  • 18September 2019
  • 31October 2019
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What will I learn?

  • Confirm that death has occurred
  • Complete and process all paperwork legally required to verify expected death
  • Communicate with family and carers in distress

Where is it?

Hospice in The Weald
Maidstone Road
Tunbridge Wells

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There’s no need to wait for a GP when a death occurs out of hours – registered nurses who have attended relevant training and been assessed as practically competent in the workplace are able to carry out Verification of Expected Death. This course lays the foundation of theoretical competency.

Who is this course for?
Registered nurses from all clinical settings.

Cost: FREE while funded by HEEKSS +vat

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