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As part of Hospice in the Weald we know from what our patients tell us that creative activities can be hugely beneficial.  It’s not just the patients that benefit, it’s their families and carers too.  Creative therapies include art, craft, writing, music, photography – in fact pretty much anything that someone wants to do.  Involvement in creative activity can improve movement, as well as sensory, emotional, cognitive and social ability.  For patients at end of life meaningful activity contributes to personal identity and considerably improves the mental wellbeing of older people in care homes.

NICE have endorsed the College of Occupational Therapists ‘Living well through activity in care homes’ findings and recommendations.  This helps equip care home staff to focus on ideas and resources to meet residents’ needs and interests and encourages families and friends to become involved.

Endorsement statement for Living well through activity in care homes

This toolkit supports statements on participating in meaningful activity and personal identity in the NICE quality standard for mental well-being of older people in care homes. In addition, it also supports the recommendations relating to occupational therapy interventions and training within the NICE guideline on mental well-being in over 65s: occupational therapy and physical activity interventions. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, June 2015

Julie on of Hospice in the Weald's day service Nurses helping a patient create a masterpiece.
Julie, one of Hospice in the Weald’s day service Nurses helping a patient create a masterpiece.


Our Day Service Manager and Creative Artist, Music Therapist and Activities Co-ordinator have created a study day which looks at the positivity to be gained from different activities.  You will take away fresh ideas and inspiration for activities in your workplace, together with information on where to get free resources, so your residents can benefit from a wide range of creative arts.

 Find out more about the Creativity @ End of life course study day and book your place today.

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