Room Booking

We have two rooms to choose from in our purpose built training centre, the Waterfall room and the Orchard room. Both rooms come with the use of the refreshment bars, free WiFi access, air conditioning, flip-chart, and a laptop and projector, all of which are included in the booking fee. The only additional cost is for a buffet lunch if this is required.

When booking, we like to have an accurate outline of how many attendees you will have, what time you will need the room(s) and any other special requirements. However, if you don’t know these yet, we ask for an approximate number, with a member of the we:train team getting in contact 1 week before the event to confirm numbers.


We have 5 room layouts to choose from: U-Shape, Cabaret, Classroom, Theatre and Boardroom.The default layout for our Waterfall room is the Cabaret layout and the default for our Orchard room is the Boardroom layout. We can accommodate any additional needs, and will always try to do our best to suit those you require.

To make a booking, please contact us on 01892 820 498 or

Timings, Pricing and Dates

In both rooms, you can choose to hire the room for either a full day or a half day. Our full days generally run from 9am – 5pm and half days being 9am – 1pm or 1pm – 5pm.
For a full day in the Waterfall room, we charge £360. A half day or less in the Waterfall room is £200. Both prices are including refreshments for groups of 15 and the other equipment mentioned above.
For a full day in the Orchard room, we charge £260. A half day or less in the Orchard room is £150. Again, both prices are including refreshments for groups of 15 and the other equipment mentioned above.

If you would like to book, please get in contact, where we will be able to advise on whether your preferred booking date is available. Alternative timings and bespoke arrangements can often be made to suit your needs!

Delegates and Refreshments

When booking, we need to know how many delegates will be attending your event. We aim to get as accurate a number as possible, but if you are unsure at the time of booking, please provide approximate numbers and confirm numbers at a later date.

Our booking fees are applicable for groups of max 15 participants and include:
– coffee, tea, water, biscuits
– presentation & training equipment (laptop, projector, Wi-Fi access, flipcharts & pens)
For groups over 15 participants – £3.50/each additional participant per day

If you are booking a full day event, we are also able to provide a buffet lunch (at an additional cost of £6.50 per person). This is a light, savoury buffet and we are able to provide for any delegates who may have special dietary requirements, i.e. vegetarian or vegan – please mention this at the time of booking, so that our catering team can prepare.

Meet the team

Essentials of End of Life Care...

"This has been one of the best courses I have ever attended. Very interactive with great teachers who were friendly and approachable. Valuable information given and I would recommend others to attend."

HCA Acute Hospital

"The study day was very interesting. Lots of food for thought – I feel that I have gained a lot from the whole day."

Community Nurse

Pauper to PRINCE...

It was a really good two days. I really got into it and it reinvigorated confidence in my abilities for project management."

"…to be able to test your new knowledge in a real life scenario at the end of the training really helped embed my learning further."