The Federated Scheme

We recognise the benefits of mutual learning and sharing of good practice, particularly that which pertains to the frail elderly in care homes.  We also want the knowledge, skills and values of hospice palliative care to migrate into Care Homes/Care Agencies.

Utilising the existing models of federated schools, and those emerging around GP practices; we envisage the Hospice in the Weald Federated Scheme going beyond the current arrangements with local Care Homes/Care Agencies, and invite them to move forward with us to an agreed formal ‘compact’ (an informal contract).

Members of the Hospice in the Weald Federated Scheme will be permitted to use the name, logo and brand of Hospice in the Weald in the ways identified and defined in the compact.  The Federated Scheme with Care Homes and Care Agencies will be based on mutual understanding and learning.

Part of the learning will utilise Hospice in the Weald as an NVQ assessment centre, awarding staff and member Care Home/Care Agency staff with nationally recognised training.  We intend, via our Hospice in the Weald Social Enterprise – we:train, to offer other training and development opportunities around End of Life Care (including Dementia at end of life).

Our current support for individual Care Homes/Care Agencies will continue, but training will be focused on the members of the Federated Scheme.  Hospice in the Weald seeks the support of the West Kent CCG and KCC, and invites Care Homes/Care Agencies to contribute to the steering group to help maximise the effectiveness of our Federated Scheme and transform End of Life Care in West Kent and East Sussex.

To join the scheme & find out more contact:

Lisa Love, Vocational Qualification Manager  – 01892 820551 or