Handling Difficult Conversations @ EOL

Next date:

Improve your communication skills for better outcomes.

Advanced Care Planning & DNACPR

Next date:

Discuss all the options, record patients’ wishes and maintain good records.

Syringe Driver (Part 1) Introduction

Next date: 22nd January 2019

Hands-on guide to using the McKinley T34 pump.


Next date: 23rd January 2019

Insert and manage all types of catheters.

Lymphoedema Awareness

Next date: 24th January 2019

Recognise and manage the treatment of chronic swelling.

Bereavement & Emotional Resilience

Next date: 04th February 2019

Cope with bereavement and emotional stress.

Driving Forward Change in a Clinical Environment

Next date: 05th February 2019

Understand the need for change and how to adapt to it.

Managing Challenging Behaviours

Next date: 12th February 2019

Apply effective behavioural change management skills and techniques.

Managing Complex Symptoms @ EOL

Next date: 13th February 2019

Control and alleviate advanced and multiple symptoms at end of life.

Verification of Expected Death

Next date: 14th February 2019

Take on this function in the absence of a GP.

Venepuncture and Cannulation

Next date: 27th February 2019

Take blood and administer fluids effectively and safely.

Advanced Communication Skills @ EOL 1 day

Next date: 05th March 2019

Develop more in-depth, patient-focused conversations.